Thursday, August 16, 2012

Giant Bubbles!

Click here if you can't see video

     It is so nice to have awesome neighbors. For example, my neighbor, Ann, made this special bubble wand for us. She shared a recipe for bubble mix from crafts-for-all-seasons. The kids have been having fun with it. We also tried making bubbles by dipping random things like an apple corer and slotted spoons into it. So much fun!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Titusville Oil Festival!

This past weekend we went to stay with our Aunt Bettye at her beautiful home in Titusville. We had so much fun visiting with family and seeing some sights in and around Titusville. We were shocked that the weather was really cold and damp during the weekend, so it prevented more outside activities, but the bright side was that we got more time to visit and talk with people we love!  Here is a rundown on some of the weekend's highlights.

We went to the parade! We got there early, which wasn't a problem because there are so many interesting homes to look at and, of course, we found ways to stay occupied :)

Vlad hopped from lap to lap, as shown here with Grandpa.

Matt decided to act like a donkey to pass the time.

Wolf showed Grandma some love.

Vlad got a little "ultimate".
Naturally, I knitted a few rows.
Then it started!!!!!

OMG! It is Grimace! I love Grimace!
And lots and lots of candy, including...ZOMBIE candy! As if candy doesn't already turn my kids into zombies?!
Instant zombie, just add candy!
Although cousin Cognac shunned the Republican dog biscuits, I think he really did want some of that candy!

The boys tried the rock wall. The guy tried to help "Toots" here climb the wall, but he accidentally passed gas on the guy's face, which, thankfully, made them both laugh very hard. Wolf made it up about 6 feet.

Vlad got a little further, without the aid of  any additional jet propulsion.

Aunt Bettye treated us to a fantastic cake!!!!!!

Cognac visited with the guests at the post parade luncheon.
So nice to see everyone!
We visited a local, very beautiful cemetery in order to get a rubbing of a possible ancestral gravestone that had worn away over the years.

Bettye's research, coupled with Matt's skill resulted in a readable end product. 

A visit was made to Aunt Pat and Uncle Phil's farm. We all received a great tour of some of the machinery and some education about farming corn. It was wonderful, but the boys especially liked the tractor rides!

        We also did a bit of wandering around downtown.

It was mandatory that we had a stop at the famous Warner's Bakery. Delicious to taste, but a feast for my vintage lovin' eyes too!

Great old signage!

I covet this cake holder, oh yes, the aqua version of my white carrier. Oh, aqua, I might marry you.
We were able to get the Aunts and Uncles together for Sunday breakfast at Gina's Restaurant. Good conversation, sibling banter, jokes galore and... Matt ordered "Slop without meat" which was tasty!

We are so glad to have been able to go to the festival this year! Thanks to Aunt Bettye for letting us invade for the weekend. We are still enjoying the amazing sweetcorn brought back from the farm too!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In and out of the Haus

A bonus strawberry---in August! A sweet surprise!

banana peppers are growing all over the place.

I cast on a new pair of socks for Matt in Patons kroy socks FX yarn in clover colors. So far, this yarn is a JOY to work. Plus, I can't stop staring at it. It's a real looker.

Made cherry popsicles from the cherries that grew in our yard. Too good!


My new love, my must-have. I muddle some mint from the garden and add some lemonade and green tea. Absolutely refreshing!

Three big tomato plants, blossoms like crazy. Ummm, but only one tomato! In total, for all 3 plants Ahhhh, Mr. Stripey, you're letting me down.

Started with 100 peaches, but this tiny peach tree only has 3 left! I didn't expect any this year, so  if I can get even one before the chipmunks, bonus!

Pixel Art!

Rainbow chard!

old man style boxers

Zinnias are doing their thing

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

gross vintage (?) recipe

I was thumbing through an old jello kids cookbook from my youth, when I saw this recipe. What were they thinking?

     I think, they were really having a hard time filling out this book and some sociopath concocted this while shopping at a prison commisary. For the record, my husband thinks, "It looks pretty good." I'm having divorce papers drawn up. C'mon--pudding (ANY FLAVOR!!?? seriously, ANY flavor? Pistachio? butterscotch?), whipped cream, fresh fruit (fresh fruit + pudding = disgusting to me. jello+fruit=yum), coconut, chocolate syrup, and....taco shells? Even Bill Cosby reached for his Tums. 

p.s. I am still trying to identify the fresh fruit in the picture. With the aid of assorted field guides, I think I see strawberries, mandarin oranges (clearly not a "fresh fruit", booyah, got them on a technical!), grapes (!), pears and a pig's uterus.