Saturday, May 29, 2010

The next installment of "My kids say the darnedest things"

  Once again I am logging some of the things the boys are saying, simply because I'm too lazy to ever dig out baby books and fill them in.  There, I've said it.
---Wolfie and Vladdie love playing with water, especially a sprinkler.   While doing so, Wolfie implores us to squirt him by asking me to "shower me with love, Mommy!"

----At the store, Wolfie said, "There is Daddy!"  I told him that Daddy was still at work, so that couldn't be him. He responded, "That must be Daddy's perfect compliment, except he was disguised in wedding clothes.   He had a jacket and pants and fancy shoes and NO HAT!"  the no hat part was accompanied by butt shaking while his hands made silly gestures at the top of his head.  He was immensely pleased by this combo of movements and repeated this often, delighted more and more by it.

--- Wolfie ate an entire ice cream cone in one bite.  When I told him I didn't believe him, he told me "It is a present."  I was confused, until it occurred to me that he was trying to say,"It's a gift!"

---Vladdie reports, "I am a baby genius.  With soft hair.'

...and there you have it!

Friday, May 28, 2010

oh how the garden will grow!

I am loving this weather and have the green thumb fever goin' on!  I can't keep out of the dirt!
My chicks and hens are growing like crazy this year!  I have loved these since I was a kid, so they have a lot of sentimental value for me.
My first lettuce garden, complete with red leaf, freckled leaf, radicchio
 and arugula.  We will see if I picked a good spot.  I have basil in there too, plus another bed full of swiss chard and a huge oregano plant that is trying to take over the neighborhood.
This year I have 2 tomato plants in pots, and one in it's usual spot.  We will see how the ones do in pots.

Little tomatoes starting!!
I love portulaca!  tiny plants with multiple colors, so pretty!
I hope you find something to plant, some place, because there really is nothing like it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Isn't This Great???

     For Mother's Day, my Mother-in-love wrote a wonderful poem for me!  It is so awesome, I must share it!
Look! Up at all hours! She's a lady! She's a honey! She's SuperMom!
Faster than a speeding Hoff Bro!
More powerful than a Snow-Plow Locomotive!
Able to leap Tall Laundry Baskets in a single bound!
Up and about in the Early Dawn to silence that Beeping Horn on the street!
Making Tasty Meals 24-7-365!
Karate-chopping Chard in the garden, and all the while
Re-purposing June Cleaver's aprons
Into Fabric Pearls fit for a goddess!

Yes, it's SuperShan--Subtle Siren from Planet Medina,
Who came to Earth with powers and abilities beyond those of Mortal Moms!
SuperShan, who can change the course of babies' tears,
Who can bend knitting needles with her bare hands,
Who can make her hubby's heart light with laughter and love,
And who, disguised as Dairy Godmother, mild-mannered Mommy of a great Lakewood family,
Fights the never-ending battle for Cake, Cleanliness, and the Hoffman Way!

This poem copyrighted @ The Daily Panic, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 2010. All rights are irrelevant.

*All opinions expressed herein are subject to a totally unbiased and unsolicited Mother-in-Love who admires said SuperShan in more ways than one,(!) and who wishes her hogs and chickens this Mother's Day and every day.