Sunday, October 28, 2012

Party hearty!

I am a little late in posting these pictures,  but I wanted to share some pics of the partying that was done in honor of my Mother - in-love's birthday last weekend. We had so much fun,  just spending  a good chunk of time together. Which is exactly how birthdays should be celebrated,  don't you think? 

The boys helped decorate the cake,  wolf did the writing and Vlad did flowers!  Their first time using the icing bag! 
Wolf is pretty proud of his efforts
Helping Grandma Jo open her gifts 
A home made book for Grandma.

A few games of Quiddler played until the wee hours!
Although Vladdie isn't pictured (he was very busy trying to deflate a balloon with assorted flatware,  unsuccessfully),  he was present and helping Grandma celebrate! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cordially yours...

     I am in the process of making some adjustments 'round these parts. I will be trying out some recipes for tooth powder, laundry detergent and possibly perfume. But today I wanted to try to find a replacement for the drink of choice for the 7 and under crowd around  here. They love lemonade. They only drink water (not as much as I would like, this is another story), milk (not much), kefir and lemonade. Trouble is, I don't always have lemons, so often times I rely on bottled lemon juice. Unfortunately, this contains preservatives and that has been really bothering me. 
     In my search to replace this, I have taken a cue from my favorite Aussie blog,  Rhonda Hetzel's Down to earth, and tried a fruit cordial. It is delicious! Please check out her blog for recipes as well as many other homemade delights, as it is great!  I used what I had on hand: a bag of frozen mixed berries, 2 tsp. citric acid and some sugar. I made a simple syrup of  2 cups water and 2 cups sugar. I put it in the blender with about 300 grams of berries and the citric acid and blended until liquefied. I strained it through a cheesecloth into a glass container. Ahhhh, then I added some of this cordial (to taste) with ice water. So fresh and wonderful! This would be great with mineral water or soda water too. I found it excellent with plain old ice water though, but a squueze of lemon would have made it even better!. 
      This is supposed to last for 2 weeks, but I think it probably won't be here that long. It would be easy enough to halve this recipe if you only have a couple people in your home. We will see if this becomes a staple around here and will try it with other fruits too. I know some people have an issue with giving their family sugar, but for me, right now, I would be happy just cutting out preservatives.
    If you have had experience with making fruit cordials, please comment! This is all new to me :)