Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just a simple summer's day

I am...
:: congratulating myself on weeding all my flower beds but one.
:: feeling sleepy after one of those days where I keep meaning to sit down and rest, but there is laundry, then bread to bake, then weeds to pull, etc... 
:: enjoying the cooler weather while out in the garden. So much more comfortable.
:: loving Farkle!
:: remembering to count my blessings. And appreciate the people I have around me.
:: thinking about making birthday cakes!!!
:: wondering what to make for dinner--tomorrow. why am I thinking about that today?
:: hoping for nice weather for the annual birthday bonanza.
:: anticipating lots of good company in the coming week!
:: listening to my Anglophile children say things like, "I say, what-oh!" and "old chap".
:: running to the store tomorrow for more watermelon. Must have watermelon!
:: watching Microcosmos. You must see it if you never have.
:: drying clothes out on the line and loving how the wind whipped those wrinkles out.
:: looking for the perfect vintage breadbox. Oh it is out there, just waiting for me.
:: wishing for more hours in the day.
refilling the squirt gun from the solar fountain

The bench that was just occupied by Wolfie reading a Dr. Diaper and Captain Underpants book.

veggies and flowers, and even more flowers waiting to be planted.

hydrangeas and rose campion. Nice combo.

Time to hang the laundry

ooooooh, I love that vintage green daisy tablecloth!

(Inspired this excellent blog http://www.soulemama.com/soulemama/2012/06/-right-now-.html)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Creeper madness-- how i spent sunday

Somehow, I was abducted by my children and held for ransom. I would be released after I made them each a "creeper" plushie. They play Minecraft with their Dad and fell in love with the exploding creepers in the game. This is what they look like
 And they say, "Ssssss, boom" as they explode. I found a tutorial at Instructables which was quite good. I had enough green fleece and stuffing left from other projects so I didn't have to buy any. But, we decided our creepers should have sound, so we got recordable craft buttons. We recorded creepers in action and put the button in the body. Now our creepers really do sssssss...boom!

just hanging out.

Luckily, they liked them. I would have exploded myself if they didn't.