Sunday, October 24, 2010

Time to be appreciative..

     I need a big dose of counting my blessings right now, so here's a few...
***Amazingly warm, gorgeously golden Autumn day!

***Sweet husband that gave me a super hairdo!

***Awesome friends and family that helped celebrate the hopefully-still-month-away birth of my Granddaughter at Jassy's shower.  I love a gathering of women of all ages and experience levels.  I always learn something, laugh at something, hug somebody and become energized by everyone's company.
***The Tooth Fairy.  As described by Wolfie, "She has wings and a wand.  She has a beautiful dress and a pretty nice looking face.  She has good hair, like green or something."  Vlad thinks she will ride in on a purple motorcycle and wake him up.

***apple picking in the countryside, by yourselves.  Quiet, except for apple crunching!

***Colorful flowers in the yard, at the end of October.

***Perfect french toast.
***"Madeline" episodes on

***Dog cousins lovingly being fed lollipops. Complete with requests not to chew it, only lick it.  Don't want to hurt the teeth.

***A nice boss.
***A daughter that is still excited about being pregnant, even though she is having a hellified pregnancy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

How do you hide Giant cupcakes?

Put them in a pot and the boys will think they are dinner and avoid them at all costs!

                             And the sad little cake that was frosting repellent, but was eaten anyways...
This was all in the name of Birthday Joy for My Mom-in-Love, Jo!  She requested a Christmas tree skirt as a gift, which I attempted to sew.

It was quite an endeavor, as my fabric shrunk.  a lot.  Like 6 inches of project gone.  I went to the fabric store at least twice a day for enough days in a row that I was afraid they might think I was a stalker and take out a restraining order.  I just couldn't get my head around this project.  I am easily distracted-- oh! colorful pins!!  Sewing madness ensued...

 At any rate, I finished it and got to spend a great day with a great lady (a lady that receives some really good birthday cards, ahem, Momma K, Bettye and David!)

P.s.  Matt left the boys this drawing the other day and I think it is really sweet, because the boys LOVE Manatees!

Isn't he the best?!?!

I heart Hedgehogs!

     My sweet husband made his Mom a super-cute tote bag for going to the library with the Hoffbros.  It is just one of the things the boys love to do with Grandma!  The tote has a pic of a hedgehog on it.
 It made me think about these little old ladies that used to visit the nursing home I worked at in Washington every week.  Sometimes they had a basket on their arms covered with a tea towel, like it should be filled with warm cookies or some such treat.  But no!  it was filled with little sweetie-pie hedgehogs!  Rolled into balls and busy being darling!  Then just a few weeks ago, i was at the zoo with my Mom and a lady had  some little HH's too!  They get me all fired up.  So I went looking for more of them and found that they make me smile...
Poor little guy has a boo boo!

A Girl!

Madonna and child

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil


Friday, October 8, 2010

5 senses time!

tasting :: Mac -n-cheese from hot sauce williams!
hearing ::   Yet another tantrum by Wolfie as he figures out how far he can push the boundaries.  bliss.  joy.
smelling :: all manner of lovely food smells wafting around in the autumn air while we ran errands tonight.
seeing :: Pictures of Vlad we had taken tonight in a little jumpsuit that was Matt's as a tot.  We now have photos of Matt, Wolf and Vlad in it.  Vlad just barely squeezed into it (Wolf's pic was taken at 1 1/2 years old, Vlad is 3!)  He looks like a child living on the USS Enterprise!
feeling:: tired.  Not wanting to work this weekend.  I'm just not in the mood to do all the convincing, motivating, coercing, etc... that it will require of me.  

What are your 5 senses, um, well,sensing today?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A little Q & A...

Making : goo-goo eyes at my sweetheart!
Cooking : an awesome last minute casserole, using leftover rice, homemade pesto,
broccoli/onions/'shrooms and a little cheese.  Turned out much more delish than expected.  Plus,
bonus points for using up the leftover rice.
Drinking : had a peach cider slushie today at the orchard. mmmmmmmmm!
Reading: "Simply sublime gifts : high-style, low-sew projects to make in a snap" by jodi kahn
Wanting: Less crap in my house.
Looking: rough around the edges
Playing: Not much today, it was very busy!
Wasting: "waisting"-- I have been eating too many goodies lately.
Sewing: baby stuff!
Wishing: for an extra couple hours each day!
Enjoying: Apples, fresh picked.
Waiting: to have my fridge fixed.
Liking: My husband's artistic side.
Wondering: when Olivia will be born
Loving: Getting to spend extra time with Jas
Hoping: Vladdie will get back to normal pooping.  Currently holding it in, ever since potty training.  Making himself miserable.
Marveling: at Wolfie's first loose tooth
Needing: motivation
Smelling: Matt's old-timey cologne, lilac vegetal :)
Wearing: a chewbacca shirt that says "let the Wookie win"
Following: not much. Behind on the news.  Not watching any tv.  Not interested in sports, movies,
Noticing: I got out of work on time today, for a change
Knowing:  "This too shall pass" is a good mantra
Thinking: about Jassy's baby shower
Opening: my mind to positive thoughts
Giggling: at something Matt said in the car, wish I could remember what it was.
Feeling: aggravated that Wolfie has another stuffy nose.