Friday, March 26, 2010

Just another day at the hoffman school for wayward boys...

We got a book from the library, "Little clam" by Lynn Reiser, which has the boys excited at the prospect of being a clam.  We researched clams a little on the internet and I reported to them that clams had no eyes or head, but do have a mouth, heart, kidneys and anus.  Wolfie scrunched his brows and replied, "I'm still trying to work that one out."
     Meanwhile, Vladdie is sitting in the drawer of the train table doing his best impression of an angry  Bay City Roller.

And Wolfie has grown a cinnamon soul patch...

     And in the midst of this, another passenger train has gone down the tracks past our house, which is terribly exiting for the student body!  That's 2 this week.  Maybe they are preparing for that new passenger rail line?
   I can hear the boys talking about "conquering" each other and...wait for it...ah, yes, tears are flowing from one while the other giggles.  I must thwart an invasion.  TTFN!

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