Monday, August 15, 2011

Things I am loving right now...

Flax seeds  Just like that sweet little Granny in the hot sauce commercials-- I put that $^!# on everything!  In my yogurt, oatmeal, bread dough, baked goods, everywhere.  Matt got me a little coffee grinder so I can grind them up and I am a happy flax-grindin' fool.

Cocoa butter I just use this like a big old lip smacker lip gloss.  Only 100 % cocoa butter and it is somewhere around $2.  Awesome.

Skin Deep Database I love that I can easily research the risks associated with cosmetics and toiletries and make a decision whether or not I want to take those risks. Known carcinogens are in so many products it is sickening (literally) and overwhelming. I challenge you to look up a few of the products you buy for your family. If the risk is too great, you can easily find products listed that are safer.

Cleveland Metro parks We use them so much! Whether it is one of the many excellent nature centers, the zoo or just some cool little spot, you will find us there a couple of days a week.  We started going back to one of my favorite childhood haunts, Tinker's creek/ Hemlock creek.

Edgewater, a beach on Lake Erie

At one of the Nature Centers during Super Pollinator Weekend

That's me, kickin' it after a rainstorm in Hemlock creek

Bananagrams We have been playing this game like crazy!  A fun, portable game that is good even with only 2 players. I looooooove word games!

Pick-ur-own So far this summer we have hit local farms for cherries, blackberries, and peaches.  Soon will be raspberries and apples. Last night we had peaches and "cream" (skim milk, stevia and a squirt of light whipped cream,but one of my fave treats anyway!) Tonight was the mother of all calories, peach cobbler with ice cream. Amazeballs.

Actin' a fool  I had a date night the other day which included a margarita. one. Which left us "tipsy" enough (Yes, we have become panty-waists) that we didn't want to drive.  So we tormented a nearby drugstore, taking pics of things that titillated us.  Somehow we did not get kicked out.

Attention: No animals were injured, or even mildly humiliated during filming of this date night. O.k., Maybe just a little.
Grown-upVisitors Yeah, visitors that drink coffee without a straw. That are old enough to drive. It is so nice to get company that can talk to you without needing to be put in time-out for slapping or standing on the table.  It was extra nice to receive such a visitor today AND they came bearing soup, which made for an excellent dinner.  Thanks Mama Jo!

What are you loving right now?


  1. I am loving that you all went into the drug store and took pictures of funny stuff. bawhahahaha!!!! And thanks for the link to the skin deep database. :) I found your blog via Marisa's ( and the post she had of the bouquet (excellent idea btw). So far I'm totally enjoying your blog!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mrs. K! Spread the word on the skin deep database. It is such a great tool. And Marisa's site is amazeballs-- I love it!