Thursday, September 20, 2012

Time well spent

This summer we spent most of our time off just being together,  wandering and enjoying some of our favorite places in our state,  Amish country. We love the Amish farms,  homes and people.  We absolutely love the areas in Ohio and Pennsylvania where they live. Good Earth magic in those rolling green hills. I love to use hand-powered tools in and outside of my home, so I love to wander around Amish shops. Plus,  where there are Amish,  there are good things to eat. We spent the past few months reading the Little House on the Prairie books aloud. We were able to see many of the things we read about while out in the Amish community. 
We camped a few times,  both in the Mohican and Punderson areas, both in different Amish communities.  Here is a little slice of the end of our Summer... 

Relaxing in the woods

Punderson lake

Hand pies,  aka fry pies at Nauvoo family market,  a great Amish store. They were delicious! 

Vlad tries out soap carving during a camping trip. 

A path behind our tent at Punderson. 

Home away from home at Punderson

Yes! Camp is all set up! 

The view of the lake from the back of our campsite. 

Vladdie battles a giant corn at a farmer's market outside Middlefield. 

Look at the gorgeous flowers they had at the end of August! 

They also had peaches. 
These lovely veggies went well with our Amish cheese for our camping picnics. 

Matt discovered a nest of hatching snapping turtles in the mulch at the Punderson Manor house. They were so cute!! 

I looooove moss!

Nights were spent in tents, with the boys drawing page after page of scenes from their favorite video games.

We read and read and read! The Long Winter was interesting to read during a heatwave. My favorite part of the Summer was the time Matt spent reading to me.

Of course there was knitting! These became socks for Matt.

Wolf checks in on some images on dad's phone to make sure he draws the boss battle from Metroid correctly. Details, details, details!

Who gave Vlad an ax?!?

We had a slow, sweet Summer spent wandering, sharing and enjoying each other's company. I will cherish the memories of this Summer for the rest of my life. While I am sad to see it end, I need to remember that another season awaits, filled with potential!


  1. I'm wearing those socks here today. :) What a great Summer this was.

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