Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cookies are done!

     I sent my husband off to work with my first cookie tray of the season.  My Grandmother got me started on the tradition of essentially baking from Thanksgiving to Christmas!  She had a whole repetoire of cookies, most which I continue to make.  Here is my official cookie menu for 2009:
Kolachkes (very traditional for my family), Linzer cookies (filled with apricot and fruits of the forest), Buckeyes (another staple in my family), Coconut strawberries (no bake cookie molded into little strawberries, another Grandma fave), gingerbread men, cocoa ginger crisps, peanut butter kisses, tollhouse cookies made with holiday m and m's (grandma is rolling over in her grave--"those ARE NOT christmas cookies!!!", but G-ma, christmas is for kids!), almond cutouts shaped as stars with royal icing and a few frosted in white chocolate, jingle jumbles (spicy with cranberries and raisins), potato chip cookies (made with potato chips!) and a new cookie--playdough cookies done in red/white/green and dipped in sugar.  Whew!
     So the first of my cookie babies have left the nest.  If I get time, there is one more recipe I had planned to try!

This is how I roll!

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