Monday, December 28, 2009

Homemade gifts for the kids

      This year the kids only asked for 2 things for christmas (light saber and kiru figure), so we decided to have some fun making them gifts.  My Mom crocheted them Star Wars amigurumi.

Aren't they sweet?!

Since the kids are totally into tornadoes, of all things, I made them a tornado play set

and storm chasing uniforms (from 2 sweatshirts and striped men's t-shirt)

To continue honing my applique skills, I made A B C beanbags out of old jeans

Then there was my original foray into applique, the R2D2 hat

And finally, My sweetheart husband made the boys a set of wonderful wood blocks

I also made my sister and sis-in-loves aprons out of vintage pillowcases.  I didn't get good pics before wrapping them, sorry :(
For food, besides cookies, I made smores-on-a-stick and hot chocolate-on-a-stick , which I really enjoyed making and tasting!  It was great fun to get some creativity going and the boys really are enjoying their new toys! 
Hope you had a happy, and hopefully creative holiday too!

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  1. awesome! i tried to make as many gifts as possible too. those star wars figures rock!
    i was going to come on over here to tell you about my giveaway, and you beat me to it!