Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dress refashion

I decided to try my hand at refashioning a dress.  I didn't get extreme like some of the ladies out there, such as New Dress A Day.  But I did change a neckline slightly, radically take it in and messed with the darts.  Here is before:
Grandma's poor dress, it looked so nice on her, not so much on me.  But the potential was there for a little summer dress for kickin' it in the backyard, etc...

After!  Much better!  I need to dig around for an appropriate belt, but I just grabbed one I had handy.  I may try tightening it up a little more and forgo the belt.  But my sewing machine is what I like to call a B!^@H- @$$, and I was going to throw it out of the window if I didn't stop for the evening.

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  1. Cutesy cutesy! I love that you do these sort of projects!