Friday, January 14, 2011

Holiday craft cavalcade!

     Now that gifts have been given, I can post some of my family's Christmas crafts that were given as gifts without spoiling any surprises.  Matt, Grandpa Jay and Jas did some crafting this year, which made it even more fun.  Unfortunately, not all of the crafts were photographed, but this will give you a taste.  I loved that some of my friends responded to my homemade gift post last year with posts of their own, chock full of new ideas for me to steal  to inspire me!  I hope they do it again!
     I got acquainted with crochet via this little baby Cthulu doll I made for my bro-in-luv.  I later modified this into a Cthulu cup cozy for my sweet Lovecraft-lovin' husband too.

I crocheted a winter headband with a flower for my big haired daughter (must be nice to have too much hair for a hat)

She, in turn made a cute headband for herself by following some tutorials online during a sleepless new baby night.
  I got my knitting going too and made a sock monkey cup cozy for my other brother-in-love.  I was able to use some yarn given to me by a super-knitter that I work with, you should see the stuff she knits!

For their wives, i made up some glass pendants, upcycling some glass marbles I had and photos from magazines

I made my Mom some embroidered napkins for her to use when she is hosting Mahjong.  These were actually a birthday gift, but it falls during the holiday season, so it is fair game!

I used some recycled denim to make a little bib for Olivia.

Matt made Olivia some Onesies using freezer paper stencils of some drawings he did.  She looks soooo cute in them!

He also painted a canvas playmat for the boys.  I love the concession stand and car wash!

Even my Father-in-luv joined in, making Vladdie a double rainbow for his train set!

Lastly, all of us chipped in to make "Treecycle",  a 3-d tree about 3 feet tall made from recycled boxes and magazines.   It has ornaments made from the handles of chinese take-out boxes.  Wolfie sewed the packing peanut garland all on his own!  Vladdie put the popsicle stick star on top.  The little tree is made out of one folded magazine.

That's all the crafting that I took pics of.  We had a lot of fun making things together.  It is so nice to think of the people you are making them for and remember fun times you had together.  It is as if the supply lists should include "love" in them!


  1. Love ALL of these! Excellent job, from everyone! And gosh darn it, I so want a headband. You and Jas did amazing work:)

  2. Hey Megs, as I recall, you can crochet darn good. So good, my daughter swiped the scarf you made me and still wears it years later! You should get back into it during these cold winter months!

  3. I love your blog! Thanks for following ours.