Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some celebratory randomness

     We have been celebrating some random holidays around here, in addition to real holidays, like MLK day.  I used The Sneetches to help explain the idea of equality/bigotry for MLK day,as well as some basic intro to who MLK was.  Unfortunately, the book I wanted from the library did not come in on time, so we will learn even more about him when the book arrives.
    We also celebrated the birthday of Rubber Ducky, Ernie's bath time pal (Sesame street, Of course).  Here was our centerpiece.

Today was Winnie the Pooh day, so we read all our Pooh books, snuggled our Eeyore and Piglet dolls, baked a honey cake and set a trap for a Heffalump.  Wolfie was very disappointed that he did not catch a Heffalump.  He is determined that "Heffalumps are non-fiction, NOT fiction!"
     Tonight we wrapped up an "invisibility cloak" (an old sheer curtain) and left it for the boys to find.

I anticipate crying when Wolfie realizes people can still see him, but we will hope for the best.  He has been reading Harry Potter with Dad, and loves it.  He makes up stories about being "Doogie the Dugong" and being discovered by McGonagle and Dumbledore while lost at sea.  They rescued him,brought him to Hogwart's where he is cared for by Hagrid.  He is learning to "swoosh and flick" his wand in his little flipper so he can make spells for creating sea grass to eat and fill his "squishy little belly".  He has advanced past Manatees into dugongs.  This is a Dugong for the uninitiated.

In other news, I made some really excellent Chinese noodle soup when we were watching Kung Fu Panda.  The noodles were 5 kinds of awesome, so pure.
Tomorrow is "Popcorn Day"   which may or may not be an international holiday.  I wonder how we will celebrate that?  Performance art???????


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  1. shananny... you have some super-blessed kids.

    someday i'm going to time travel and come live at your house.

    they'll be a princess at the hoffman house!