Saturday, February 19, 2011

Right now

This was originally posted by Amanda Soule at her amazing blog, Soulemama.  I was inspired to try it too.

right now, I am ...
:: marveling at how utterly overdosed on garlic I am.  Courtesy of Niko's greek restaurant.
:: revisiting being a barber :)  I have slacked majorly this month.  I promised my patients haircuts tomorrow and I bet they are already lined up and waiting!
:: plotting a June wedding on a zero budget.  Must use all super powers.
:: finishing  the first sock I have ever knitted.  It will be for Matty.  He has 2 feet.  They are roughly alike.  This means I must finish and then duplicate this sock.  Alas.
:: stopping and smelling the roses.
:: wondering  how fab my Mom-in-love's kitchen will be post-makeover!
:: listening to nothing.  I heart silence.  Yes, I am old.  Now get off my lawn.
:: queing amazing free knit and crochet patterns at  My sister started crocheting during her visit.  Jas, Robs, Matt and I were all crocheting together.  Sew much fun!
:: feeling sad that my Sister Robs is headed back to Cali.  I petition we move it closer.
:: loving that my sweetie, Matt has tried his hand at yet another craft and rocked it's sox off.
:: hoping to cut 45 hairdos tomorrow, but I doubt I have the stamina.  The wheelchairs are so low, my back will give up first I think.  My garlic breath could scare some off though.
:: wanting my breath to not be fiery hot with garlic.  How much did I eat!?  Geiger counters are going off.
:: thinking about paper dolls.  They were cool.
:: reminding myself to be positive even though today had a lot of challenges, particularly with dealing with logic-impaired  individuals and "timesaving" devices that complicate things and make them take longer.
:: making all our bread now!  Haven't bought any in about a month!  I did not think I could do that.  Nice surprise!
:: planning on playing a few rounds of mah johng solitaire.
:: wishing  Jas would find a wedding dress she likes and feels pretty in!

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