Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hearing:  Birds tweeting outside my window reeeeeeaaallllllly early in the morning, when it is still very dark out.  Sounds like it would be irritating, but it is delightful.  I snuggle in and listen to them and dream of warm weather coming.

Smelling:  Two different things.  First, bread baking, today was baking day at the Hoffman Homestead and it smelled particularly wonderful and yeasty today.  Second, every year Matt treats me to hyacinths.  They smell up the house in the most amazing way and then I plant them outside and enjoy them year after year.  This year he bought me 2 gorgeous tin planters full of them from the little garden shop on Detroit Ave.  They are so exciting, as they are blossoming before my eyes.  Every time I walk past them, I notice that they have opened more.  The scent is fantastic-- forget about stopping and smelling the roses, give me hyacinths!

Tasting:  Giant fluffy home made whole wheat pancakes (with blueberry syrup) and made from scratch veggie sausages.  A cup of good hot coffee thrown in.  I love breakfast for dinner!

Seeing:  My forsythia bush has that yellow blush that hints that spring is here.  Soon it will open up in full bloom in a glorious burst of color. Then we will hold the little blooms under our chins and ask if we like butter while checking for a yellow reflection to confirm that YES we love butter!

Touching: Nostalgia.  I finished creating Jassy's bouquet from bits of clothing and jewelry that belonged to some of her Grandmas.  Also some of the jewelry she wore to Prom (escorted by her Groom <3 ).  A lot of loving energy in that thing!

May as well add another one,not truly a sense...
Feeling:  Very happy with our decision to homeschool Wolfie.  That started in January.  We are seeing so many positive changes in him.  It is very exciting and has had a powerful (in a good way) impact on the whole family.  His hunger for learning has returned.  Our boy is back!


  1. Love your posts! Would you be willing to share your veggie sausage recipe? Pretty please?? :)
    Thanks ~ Lori Augustine

  2. Thanks Lori! I have two that I came up with


    Please note that these take nutritional yeast, which is not the kind of yeast needed for baking. You can find vital wheat gluten and nutritional yeast in some grocery stores, but places like whole foods, mustard seed or the food co-op should definitely carry them.

  3. Thank you so much, Shannon! I actually just bought some nutritional yeast for 2 other recipes and I use wheat gluten in my bread baking, but I appreciate the clarification or that might have produced some unusual sausage :)

  4. Oh good, then these should be a snap for you! I have heard from a few people that have used regular yeast and had terrible and expensive disasters! I now add those disclaimers just in case :)