Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's going on?

Making : Wedding stuff galore!
Cooking : whipping up an egg bake thingy and some banana muffins to take to the east-side Hoffs  for a breakfast visit tomorrow.

Drinking : I pretty much survive on half-caf coffee anymore, oh and brewed iced tea.

Reading: my cousin's blog which is hilarious
Wanting: a day off.  Playdate with my husband!  We haven't seen much of each other lately and I miss him!

at the GIGANTIC mess which I call home.
Playing: mahjong solitaire!  Like every night (there, I 
said it) without fail
Wasting: as little as possible----- "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without."
Sewing: does crocheting count?  If so, I whipped up a little pattern for covers for my vintage open top glass pitchers. Recycled cotton yarn in  cheery-citrusy variegated colors for the o.j. pitcher and red cotton for the other one.  Should wash up like a dream.  Little scalloped border on them, which I love!

Wishing:for more hours in the day!

Enjoying: a quick visit from Jamie, Lilly and Abel today.  Such a treat!

Waiting: for Jas and Nate's wedding!
Liking: today's round of thrifting!  I have become a thrifting ninja.  I am that person that bitches in a thrift store, "Who's pricing this?  I refuse to pay these prices!  Robbery, I tell you.  C'mon, you got this shite for free!"  I talked someone into selling me something for 5 cents--that has to be a record!

Wondering: How I will paint the bathroom later this summer.  So many decisions, this is a colorful world people!

Loving:Wolfie's sense of humor.  He yelled at a very dangerous driver on the road today, calling the guy a "snorter".  Then laughed himself silly over what he perceived as his own witty brilliance.  I love watching him grow and develop.

: Today's snow is the last one!

Marvelling: at how Vlad is learning by Wolfie homeschooling.  At dinner he was discussing if he was nocturnal or diurnal!
Needing:Not much.  Things are satisfying as is.

Smelling: My hyacinths in major bloom.  Thank you for the beautiful hyacinths Matty!

Wearing: Flannel nightie.  I mentioned THE SNOW, right?

Following: Spiderman, in the comics page of the PD.  He is battling Morbius, the vampire right now.  The hoffbros are into it too.

Noticing: Olivia fattening up and paying attention to everything around her.  What a sweet baby!

Knowing: Littles don't stay little long

about how exciting it is to be in love with someone sooooooo much, and then find that the next day, some how, I have found a way to love him even more! <3Bookmarking:A lot of  creative as hell blogs.  People are coming up with amazing ideas and I find that so inspiring!
Opening: an antiques store by the look of my dining room-- wedding stuff is everywhere!
Giggling: over Vladdie---
         me: "What do animals with pointy teeth eat?"
          Vlad:" meat."
          me: "What do animals with flat teeth eat?"
          Vlad: "plants."
           me: "How about animals with both pointy AND flat teeth?"
           Vlad:" Scrambled eggs!"Feeling: the location of every sinus in my head!  ouch!

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  1. I love when you do these! What a great little time-capsule for later on. And I can't wait for some time off with you as well. We'll sort of get it in a week and a half.