Thursday, January 12, 2012

Twenty Twelve! Goals and our latest homeschool projects.

The new year is officially upon us, I know, I know, we are halfway through January, but the year is still young. I really didn't feel like making any major resolutions this year, but I have spent the past few weeks  reflecting and goal setting. I like to set small goals for myself. It challenges me and keeps me from getting in a rut. I don't care for winter, so it keeps my spirits up to look forward to things. Here are some of the things I am looking forward to in 2012:

Cooking Goals:
I finally conquered my fear of bread and yogurt making and now no longer rely on store bought. I make 4 loaves (at once), once a week and at least a gallon of yogurt a week and we are covered. Now what? I received a beautiful antique cast iron waffle iron. So, I need to get it cleaned up and ready for my old recipe from my youth (when I made waffles for the 10 people at home on the weekends, gotta get those waffle skills back!) I also received some springerle molds from my Mom a good while back (25 cents each at a church rummage sale! She is that darn good!) I need to try that out already. I think pierogis and homemade pasta and raviolis may be in order for this year too.
Look at these glorious molds! Why have I not made them yet?

I finally met my sock goal and wrote my own pattern for a cowl, so I think it is time to try a bigger project like a sweater or something. Not sure yet. I would like to try knitting cable-knits too. Maybe some lace crochet.
The boys are enjoying their new hand-knit socks that were made with the yarn they selected. An unusual color, I think they released balloons after we left to celebrate finally selling that yarn!

I NEED to break this swearing habit which has reached f'ing big a$$ proportions! Nuff said. Less complaining is in order as well. I think the key word for the year should be "positive". Words, actions, attitude should reflect positiveness.

Staying the course, meaning not letting the day to day get in the way of my plans. I need to anticipate the week better.  I want to add a new thing to our weeks, which is an animal project. I hope to focus on a different animal each week with a different type of project related to it. We have had 2 successes with this thus far. Our first week we went with an animal he loves and knows a ton about, the cuttlefish. We tried out google docs for making a power point presentation. This was fun. He learned how to fact check, organize his thoughts and dabbled with summarizing. Here is his report:

 This week he focused on beavers. We were inspired by a new magazine, Click, that he received from Grandma Kathy for Christmas. They showed a diagram of a beaver's lodge which we recreated.

So far, I feel we are off to a good start with this. I hope to incorporate our new zoo passes into this project too.
     This year should hold a lot of new and exciting challenges for me. Let me put a challenge out there to the people I love.... What was the last thing you tried for the very first time? If you can't remember, it has been too long! Try something new, a new recipe, different kind of book than you normally read, a puzzle, hobby, different type of exercise, unfamiliar cuisine, etc... As my Mom used to say, "Try it, you'll like it."