Monday, April 9, 2012

Current Events and Stuff

:: We made a most excellent Pea(B-n-J)cock sandwich.
Vladdie hunts the elusive Pea(B-n-J)cock
:: We visited the new Mythical Creatures exhibit at the Cleveland Natural History Museum with some wonderful friends!
A really nice collection of vintage Japanese vinyl at the exhibit, which included many family favorites like Ultraman, Gamera and Gojira.

Enjoying the outdoor animal exhibits with friends
:: Eggshellland!!! This is a local family's labor of love. They create this every year out of real eggs!


Mario and Luigi, aka Vlad and Wolf

:: Garbage-picking  Treelawn treasure hunting
We discovered an old circa '70's tv wooden frame bound for the dump. It had drawers at the bottom that still worked beautifully. Matt used a previously rescued very old solid wood door to create shelves on it. He painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint (emperor's silk) and a dark wax. It now houses our computer, printer and video games. Matt is AWESOME!
After adding two shelves
extreme close up of door-into-shelf

:: Easter egg hunt with Mr. P!

Ollie Bean is sooooo spoiled! She gets Papa P to dangle her over the eggs Mission Impossible style so she can get her egg! Boy does she love him! She chases him everywhere!
Wolf and Olivia meet the E.B. but Vlad refuses to sit on his lap, claiming it is "Frank" from Donnie Darko. Just kidding.

The generous hosts gave the boys baskets with tons of candy. Vladdie treated himself  to a fresh blue moustache.

:: Easter!

We dyed our eggs in turquoise, apricot, green apple and amethyst. Fancy, I know, but that's how we roll.

I went out on Easter morning and cut some flowers from the yard.  Our kitchen smells wonderful! Between the flowers, fresh baked bread, horseradish and home made veggie dogs, my sniffer was in Heaven! We had some wonderful dinner companions as well, so it was delightful.

:: Matt's birthday!  
     First we went shopping at Lehman's, where Matt received a case of Moxie! And the boys were put in a cell so that we could shop more leisurely. Just kidding, but they should totally think about offering that!

Ollie Bean gets right into the mix with her Uncles now. 
I see you, Uncle Vladdie!
 Then it was off to a late lunch at Des Dutch Essenhaus, a family favorite. Salad wagon, fresh bread, amish coma.

After a brief stop at a local Shreve thrift store (I scored a milk glass fruit bowl, canning funnel and retro school desk! yeehaw!) we headed home. There were homemade cards proudly delivered to birthday Daddy and of course, Japanese toys and Legos! 

Whew! What a whirlwind these past few days have been! But so nice. I love times like these because we are reminded of how many special people we share our lives with. Thank you everyone for an amazing weekend!


  1. Wow, fantastic blog! What a great weekend!

  2. And like a scene straight out of a Disney movie, a huge rainbow was born out of a minor rain on our way home from the birthday expedition, as if to say, "not on Matt's parade!" Nice touch!

  3. What an amazing weekend, I wish we could have celebrated with you guys! I love the eggs display.