Monday, April 23, 2012

What's Up?

 listening  to David Bowie during dinner. I look around and there is evidence of chair dancing all around. Especially Miss Olivia. Bowie is the musical savior.
 hoping I can finally get myself to majorly attack some seriously cluttered, o.k., dangerously cluttered sections of my home.
 feeling grateful that last week is over. It was a baaaaaad week and I am trying to move away from the crappy mood that it draped me in.
 seeing my awesome Husband's positive influence in my children more and more. And I love it.
 noticing that my "worm tea" has been doing my plants all kinds of good. My one plant is some type of geranium. My guys gave it to me a few years ago. I almost killed it, but my vermicompost tea has rejuvenated it and it is about to bloom! I didn't even remember what color it was, so this is exciting!
 wondering what I should do about my dumb "smart"phone. It acts a fool, even though I had it replaced with a new one. Sometimes I have no dial pad, sometimes I do. Sometimes I am unable to hang up, Sometimes I can. Argh.
 dreaming of tropical sunsets thanks to my daughter's latest creative endeavor 

 loving that my Sister-in-love sent out a belly shot! She lives far away, so I don't get to check in with her face to face. She is a gorgeous Mama-to-be(e) (tee,hee, inside joke!) And I am so happy for her! And my bro-in-love too, of course, can't forget the Daddy :)
 thinking About the world's smallest socks that I am currently knitting for my very first niece or nephew!
 promising to switch to buying only organic apples. Apples can be sprayed as many as 35 times with pesticide before picking. My family loves apples, so it is time. Now I have to find a local organic orchard for autumnal adventures too.
making a fresh batch of yogurt, as I sleep. In the A.M., I will simply pop it in the fridge. Love it.
 anticipating my baby Sister's birthday which is coming up very soon!
 feeling inspired by all the making going on around here. I've been knitting, Matt has been woodworking and designing some t-shirts for the kids. Jas has been designing new nail masterpieces. Vlad is constantly building new Heroes with the giant lot of Bionocles we scored on Craigslist. Wolf has been writing comics. Busy, busy.
changing some habits around these parts. I have been experimenting in the kitchen with switching to bar soap instead of liquid dish soap. It has been pretty successful. We use a lot less soap, less packaging, less cost. I have been using my trusty Kirk's coconut castile soap,because it lathers a lot and rinses easily. I am going to try making my own coconut soap to see if it lathers as well. My olive oil soap is a success! We are actively using it. It doesn't lather much, but leaves a squeaky clean feeling. Mild and effective, perfect. Also, my homemade dishwasher detergent seems to be working great too!

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