Sunday, June 3, 2012

Creeper madness-- how i spent sunday

Somehow, I was abducted by my children and held for ransom. I would be released after I made them each a "creeper" plushie. They play Minecraft with their Dad and fell in love with the exploding creepers in the game. This is what they look like
 And they say, "Ssssss, boom" as they explode. I found a tutorial at Instructables which was quite good. I had enough green fleece and stuffing left from other projects so I didn't have to buy any. But, we decided our creepers should have sound, so we got recordable craft buttons. We recorded creepers in action and put the button in the body. Now our creepers really do sssssss...boom!

just hanging out.

Luckily, they liked them. I would have exploded myself if they didn't.

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