Friday, January 11, 2013

Some things you want to remember

Wolfie and Vladdie are our resident artists. Vladdie is constantly creating drawings, buildings, creatures, heroes, sculptures...ahem, messes. :) But today I want to talk about Wolfie. Wolfie creates with words. And words, words, words. One thing I want to remember is how he is always creating imaginary books, movies, tv shows and video games about his life, but all in his mind. There have been a few drawings, but mostly these fantastic adventures are fleetingly enjoyed as he shouts them out with every hop of his hoppy ball. Although this is sort of a lame version of his normal telling (ruined by the presence of a camera, probably) I wanted to snatch a little of it up to remember it. Here he is talking about the show of his life, Wolfie's Adventures: season 1, episopde 2. In this episode he is abducted by aliens. But don't worry, every episode in his life has a happy ending. And that little thought warms this Mama's heart.
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