Friday, February 15, 2013

Hearts and stuff.

A little Valentine's Day spelling fun with the Hoffbros!

We decided it would be fun to "dress up" for dinner. I made a dinner that I knew no one would complain about (which adds to the romanticism) and we had candlelight. What you can't see is that their ties match their sweatpants :-)

Doesn't Vladdie look like one of the Weasley kids? 

Serious and handsome. Seriously handsome .

We had a really lovely Valentine's day and hope you did too!

A few things that have been said lately, that I will record here so I will remember them:
***Vladdie has really been increasing his vocabulary,  and he has been using words like auspicious lately (plus many other words that were even better,  but I can't recall because I have become incompetent) . Ollie was hitting him and he knew he shouldn't hit her back,  so he called out for help by saying,  "help! I'm perishing! I am perishing!"

***I am not sure why,  but Wolfie is suddenly very polite. But in true Wolfie style,  he takes it too far by saying thank you a million times about 4 inches from your eyeballs or says,"thank you" for you saying, "you're welcome" and it goes on and on. Still,  I admit it is nice. Today I tried a new pizza dough recipe,  which was a flop (we had grilled cheese instead) but he stops me and says, "although I don't like pizza and won't eat it, I want to take the time to compliment you on your pizza. Don't you think that is nice?"  The development of empathy is always so much fun to watch. 

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