Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Week for Field Trips

(subscribers may need to click here to view video of awesome kids and stingrays) 

 First of all we visited the Aquarium with Grandma Jo for a little sting ray petting. They acted like a bunch of puppies (the rays and kids)! The boys really love rays and apparently Ollie does too!

A video of the kids and rays (subscribers may need to go to the blog to see) 
On Friday we went to a homeschool maple sugaring special at Rocky River Reservation. The naturalist did a great job and really kept up the kid's interest. They experienced sugaring from the viewpoint of Native Americans and pioneers,  popular current methods for sugaring and how it is done in large scale operations. Afterwards they sampled the syrup and had a piece of maple sugar candy.

Ew,  it looks like a tree colostomy bag. 

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