Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday, Sonday

We woke up this morning "springing forward" in more ways than one. First of all,  it was the first morning of daylight savings time. Also, it got up to 70 degrees today,  which is crazy because it was snowing just a few days ago. Then Matt and the boys started talking about old school role - playing games like dungeons and dragons. Wolfie was so inspired that he sprang forth from the bed and raced downstairs to grab some paper and a pencil and started crafting a character and an adventure map.
      Right after breakfast we started playing our first RPG (role playing game), a homemade one at that, as a family. A completely nerdy family. We chose our characters : I am a rogue named Ruby that fights with a poisoned dart blow gun and a short sword. Vlad is a ninja named Diamond,  but goes by Gold for short. He battles with shuriken, nunchaku and sword. He is in love with Ruby and flirts with her (oh,  my little Oeddy. This has been a loooooong phase). Wolf is a warrior named Wolfie. His weapons are a sword and a hammer. He has chainmail armor. He also has a stone of rejuvenation. Dad is dungeon master, of course, and he rocks at it. He used Wolfie's map to create the story and gameplay, complete with dice. The game was named "Land of Heroes" by Wolfie.
     In this game,  we are 3 kids that make cereal in Millsville (named after Aldi's cereal brand). A caravan delivering cereal to Milksville is hijacked by hungry goblins and the caravan team is kidnapped,  except for Grandma Tourmaline. She escapes,  but is attacked by thieves in the Fantastic Forest. Luckily,  she is rescued by the three would-be heroes,  on the hunt for the cereal. She rewards them with 5 healing potions and it is game on! Many goblins are defeated,  as are skeleton kings and rock monsters. The trio work well together,  Making smart decisions and kicking major booty under the eye of the clever Dungeon Master. The caravan team (Grandpa Tourmaline and his dim-witted son,  Tony Tourmaline) is rescued and Milksville has cereal once again.
     Whew! We played after breakfast at a special gaming table set up by Wolfie. Then it was time to enjoy the sunshine at the park where we acted out as our characters. Back home to lunch,  and more gaming until supper! It was like a religious experience for Wolfie. He seemed to be born to this,  his soul clicked. It will be interesting to see if he wants to go on with this. At any rate,  it made for a fun and exciting day. Plus,  I was wooed by a ninja. Can't say that everyday.
The warrior goes hunting. 

The stealthy ninja,  Diamond. 

Battling goblins at the milky river's edge. 

Booty from the day's battles... River glass and a huge mussel shell. 

The aftermath. 

What a day to remember! 


  1. What a fun day! I love that it was about cereal.

  2. We had a really fun time with all that! I hope we can do more this weekend.