Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

     Ah, the new year, a fresh slate.  I know most people hate resolutions, but I love them.  I like having personal and professional goals every year.  I like how it forces me to see what I like/ don't like about myself, what I'm afraid of, what I want to learn or cultivate.  So what's up for 2010?
    I am going to keep going with our financial plans (debt reduction, no new debt) from last year.  I am going to try to reduce the plastic in our kitchen as much as possible.  I am going to learn to knit/ relearn crocheting.  I will learn to juggle, damnit!  I am going to become stronger, more muscular.  And the big one---focusing on positive, not negative.  Since Grandma got sick and eventually passed away, I have been wallowing in negative junk.  Time to change that.
   So, now what to do about the 5+ pounds I put on over Christmas, hmmmmmm  :p  Oh well, Got resolutions?

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