Saturday, May 29, 2010

The next installment of "My kids say the darnedest things"

  Once again I am logging some of the things the boys are saying, simply because I'm too lazy to ever dig out baby books and fill them in.  There, I've said it.
---Wolfie and Vladdie love playing with water, especially a sprinkler.   While doing so, Wolfie implores us to squirt him by asking me to "shower me with love, Mommy!"

----At the store, Wolfie said, "There is Daddy!"  I told him that Daddy was still at work, so that couldn't be him. He responded, "That must be Daddy's perfect compliment, except he was disguised in wedding clothes.   He had a jacket and pants and fancy shoes and NO HAT!"  the no hat part was accompanied by butt shaking while his hands made silly gestures at the top of his head.  He was immensely pleased by this combo of movements and repeated this often, delighted more and more by it.

--- Wolfie ate an entire ice cream cone in one bite.  When I told him I didn't believe him, he told me "It is a present."  I was confused, until it occurred to me that he was trying to say,"It's a gift!"

---Vladdie reports, "I am a baby genius.  With soft hair.'

...and there you have it!

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