Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Isn't This Great???

     For Mother's Day, my Mother-in-love wrote a wonderful poem for me!  It is so awesome, I must share it!
Look! Up at all hours! She's a lady! She's a honey! She's SuperMom!
Faster than a speeding Hoff Bro!
More powerful than a Snow-Plow Locomotive!
Able to leap Tall Laundry Baskets in a single bound!
Up and about in the Early Dawn to silence that Beeping Horn on the street!
Making Tasty Meals 24-7-365!
Karate-chopping Chard in the garden, and all the while
Re-purposing June Cleaver's aprons
Into Fabric Pearls fit for a goddess!

Yes, it's SuperShan--Subtle Siren from Planet Medina,
Who came to Earth with powers and abilities beyond those of Mortal Moms!
SuperShan, who can change the course of babies' tears,
Who can bend knitting needles with her bare hands,
Who can make her hubby's heart light with laughter and love,
And who, disguised as Dairy Godmother, mild-mannered Mommy of a great Lakewood family,
Fights the never-ending battle for Cake, Cleanliness, and the Hoffman Way!

This poem copyrighted @ The Daily Panic, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 2010. All rights are irrelevant.

*All opinions expressed herein are subject to a totally unbiased and unsolicited Mother-in-Love who admires said SuperShan in more ways than one,(!) and who wishes her hogs and chickens this Mother's Day and every day.

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