Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time to stop and smell the roses

     I love doing these question lists because they are so great for helping me to relish being in the moment.  A great blog, luvinthemommyhood , just posted this, and I felt compelled to do the same.  Feel free to do so yourself--  take time to stop and smell the roses in your life!

Making : Knitting a washcloth from recycled cotton yarn.  I was knitting next to a creek, on a hill today.  My yarn got away from me and the ball rolled down the hill and plop--into the water!
Cooking : veggie burritos
Drinking : sun tea
Reading: lots of blogs!
Wanting: a back-e-otomy.  I'm sick of my back hurting already!
Looking: at vacation pics, dreaming about being  back at it again, kicking it with my Mom.
Playing: with my new toy, it's kind of like the "lemon twist" I had as a kid.  It's a ring with a rope and a ball.  You put it on your ankle and spin it and start jumping it.
Wasting: time trying to get sleepless Vladimir back to going to bed at a decent hour again.
Sewing: a gift bag
Wishing: they would invent a teleportation device
Enjoying: Watermelon!!!
Waiting: 30 more days until my brother-in-love ties the knot! Then Katie!  Then Lindsay!
Liking: Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore! by David McPhail  as recited by the Hoffbros.
Wondering: Who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong?
Loving: little love note texts from my sweetie
Hoping: for a healthy grandbaby
Marveling: at Wolfie reading
Needing: more hours in a day
Smelling: my "happy bag"-- rice filled flannel for moist heat on my back
Wearing: nightgown
Following: the Lebron B.S., although now I'm fairly well sick of him.
Noticing: how nice petunias smell.
Knowing:I am going to miss my sister Robyn soooooooo much when she moves.
Thinking: about all the hand-me-downs from Robs that I am going to upcycle
Opening: the fridge for one more cube of watermelon
Giggling: at how vigorously my husband is playing his video game
Feeling: thankful for so many wonderful family and friends that make life so grand!

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