Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Appreciating the vintage...

Just looking at some of my favorite vintage kitchen stuff makes me feel like I ate a big bowl of mac-n-cheese with stewed tomatoes and cornbread.  Comforted.

milk glass, a star-bottomed pitcher, trivets and a favorite tablecloth.

Grandma's old measuring cups, icepicks (which is one of my most useful kitchen tools), a juicer,  ice cream spade and a double boiler that I received for my birthday.

A special tablecloth I got on my last day of  living in Washington at a local thrift store and a new-to-me cake carrier in  amazing condition from the thrifty peddler in Lakewood.  I got that baby for just a couple bucks!

What things do you use all the time that bring you comfort and joy?  A favorite mug?  a special blanket?  There is something about making the mundane  into something special that makes life immensely enjoyable for me. 

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