Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Something for Winter, Something for Spring

     I whipped myself up a couple of things lately that have made me happy.  First of all, I know it is almost Thanksgiving, but I made a skirt for Spring.  I found 2 pristine vintage pillowcases and couldn't keep my hands off them!  So what if it was practically snowing when I sat down at Hazel (my sewing machine, yeah, I also name my cars!)  Those pillowcases demanded to be reworked into something more fabulous!

Then, reality set in and the knitting needles came out!  Time for something warm!  I had picked up a cute vintage swing coat  for a steal at $10 and needed a hat to go with it.  I used a pattern I found on Ravelry by Rachel Iufer .  I of course, screwed up and knitted too many rows but salvaged it by flipping the brim.  On the bright side-- my ears will be even toastier!
I have fallen in love with the color!!!!!!!!
While I was busy making this stuff, my daughter was busy making my grand baby!  She was a little early, but her Mom tried her very best to keep the little bun baking as long as possible!  I have had the chance to finally hold her now that she is out of the NICU and it was heavenly!!!!!!!!!

What a dolly!!!!!!!!!  Olivia Jean!!!


  1. Love the skirt and hat... and of course Olivia!!

  2. i adore the hat! and miz olivia jean - can't wait to hold her myself (and wish i had one of my own, all in good time).

  3. Ahhh, Shanny Bananny, you do a mother proud! First, beautiful grand-(great-grand!)daughter, tres chic chapeau, and "back-to-the-sixties" skirt. Way to go!