Friday, November 26, 2010

while Mom's away, the boys will play

This is the kind of stuff that goes on when I'm at work.  Add a camping play set made by my Mom with some figures from He-man and throw in some marshmallows and you get this...

Or maybe you'd like some gum?

  And reason 1,000,001 of why i love my husband is...  He leaves love notes for all of us!


  1. Love the superheroes & villains having a picnic! When he was little, Steven would set up his action figures and stuffed animals in a "school", and either he or I would be the teacher. It usually ended up with all of them getting tossed all over the room because some kind of academic riot would break out. And more recently, the kids have made some interesting scenarios with all their Halo, I don't know, they all go driving around (in a large toy car) and then the cop stops them and finds a body in the trunk. You know...those playful innocent stories of childhood...

  2. The boys were in an especially playful mood that day. It was a really good day overall!