Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Holidays from Frostville Museum

     Can I just say that we are blessed with so many great museums here, both big and small.  Not to mention wonderful local historical societies. We were able to use the Lakewood Historical Society's Nicholson House for our daughter's wedding and my Mom-in-love and Aunt's retirement party.
     But, today we attended the Frostville Museum's Holiday celebration. We toured 5 of the homes and the church today and got there early before it was crowded. The volunteers for the Olmsted Historical Society are wonderful. They dress the part and know their stuff. I love sharing local history with my kids. It is personal and accessible and priceless. Today's event was free and included cookies and coffee! I love seeing the ladies proudly sharing their bakery, willing to give Matt a recipe for one cookie that was just a little too good. More on that recipe when he makes me some!
     Here's a few pictures of the day...

The boys learn about Father Christmas, as compared to Santa.

The boys were asked to hang a decoration on the tree

Wolfie was actually allowed to wind the Victrola this year!

Wolf takes in the fire with a volunteer. See his popcorn? He admired another volunteer's popcorn, so the Gentleman shared it with him!


Olivia will just eat the stroller, thanks.

face painting. Vladdie surprised the young lady when he requested a "Christmas tornado". She obliged.

wolf got a penguin that danced when he puffed up his cheek!

Checking out the local high school class of 1951

Tornado completed!

The finishing touch to the penguin. Vlad approves.

     Such a wonderful day, so happy to have shared it with so many people I love!

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