Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's up, November? There's a new kid in town named December!

Right now, I am...
:: living as slowly as I can. Trying not to get caught up in my usual holiday expectations or the shopping insanity that has consumed all manner of media.
:: feeling a little dread about winter coming. It will be fine once it arrives, but I still long for summer. Time to put the icescraper back in the car.
:: thinking about what it would be like to never have to work weekends again, especially since both Christmas And the New Year And their eves are on my workdays this year.
:: looking at the haircut I gave myself, snipping off a few more pieces here and there.
:: letting the boys play video games on a "token" system. They get a set amount of tokens for 15 minutes each token, daily. They choose how to spend them once the "arcade" has opened for business.
:: holding hands with my little sweeties at the playground today. Such a sweet time together.
:: wondering what the heck to get certain people for Christmas!
:: eating a throw together meal at the Grand-Hoffs. I love them! They start with a phone call to or from myself or Jo. "I have soup and a loaf of fresh baked bread, what do you have?" "Salad, squash and home made applesauce." Then into the car and off we go! These are fast becoming a fabulous tradition!
:: writing a knitting pattern  that I can't get right. Knitting= patience!
:: listening  to Christmas music! Crooners and swooners, Curious George's Christmas Monkey, Star Wars Christmas ("What do you get a Wookie for Christmas when he already owns a comb?", Charlie Brown's soundtrack. Loving it! 
:: treasuring the way Olivia gives her dolly "rock-a-bye-babies" and kisses!!
:: savoring squash, roasted with olive oil and parmesan cheese. And must not forget the homemade yogurt---so good it knocks my socks off every morning!
:: preparing for cookie making time! I want to cut back from my usual cookie insanity, but I love them all!
:: knitting  up some Christmas goodies, I hope!
:: moving my butt in some serious ninja/samurai/anime girl-like ways as my sons present me with a lovely eye patch and ask me to channel the spirit of yagu jubei (sp?), the greatest swordsman in Japan.
:: wishing I had a little more energy :)

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