Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's been goin' on 'round these parts

We have been lucky to have a visit from Grandma Kathy!!!!!

Grandma Kathy visited and brought a number of beautiful hand-made goodies for Olivia, like this sweet kimono.

We met up with my Uncle for a trip to the orchard and a visit to Schoepfle Garden. 

A fun fall sunset picnic of pickles, pumpkin donuts and cider slushies with  Uncle Frank, Lilly, Abel, my Mom and the GrandHoffs.

walking through the gardens on a perfect Autumn evening, the cousins enjoyed  being together

Wolfie and Abel 

Silly pose!

Sweet pose?

Bangsy can't stay out of the water!

Grandpa Jay with the wind up and the pitch!

Vlad almost falls in!


3 Hoffs 

Me with My Mom and Uncle

We made a big old batch of applesauce to freeze for later in the year.  We used the last of our pick-ur-own apples. The boys helped with the china cap and pestle. The sauce was sooooooo good!

Lots of leaves to rake!!!!!!!!

    I am still diligently knitting Matt's socks and hope to be done soon!  I have successfully made yogurt a few times now! The last batch I made was a gallon and it was the best yet! It is so much better than store bought. All I need is a gallon of milk and a cup of yogurt to use as the starter. easy peazy!!  A great tutorial is at Soule Mama. I had been wanting try it for a long time. My first batch didn't set, but I worked it out by the next batch. Next up is finding a fast, low maintenance routine for making batches of soup stock to freeze. I'm on it!

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