Friday, March 9, 2012

A new book review form for homeschooling (grades K-2)

I have been wanting a way to keep track of what the kids read. I wanted a simple form that will cover some of the basic things that we talk about when we finish reading a book. We usually spend time talking about the beginning, middle and end. We talk about the conflicts (in a very basic way) the characters face. We talk about how the story makes us feel, which characters would we like to be and if any of the story reminds us of things in our own lives or in other stories/movies/etc.. I wanted the form to be basic enough that a first grader could complete it, but certainly a parent could write in dictated answers by children not ready to write (like Vlad). This is my first attempt, sure to be fiddled with as we use it! Do you have anything similar you use?

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