Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wolfie is en fuego.

Wolf has developed a serious thing for creating stop motion "vids" as he calls them. He started with directing me to photograph a stuffed animal that he scripted. He has progressed now to writing the stories, building the sets and doing his own photography. He needs help with setting up the animation, but he comes up with what to write, sound effects and soundtracks. This has really turned into something he is quite proud of, which makes me so happy. Check out his latest offerings which are becoming more and more of his own productions. I can't wait until he can do one totally on his own.
p.s. He is loving the weird little jokes in the credits. They crack him up!

p.s.s. He has found a way to incorporate his beloved video games into his life even when he has blown through his alotted tokens for the day-- recreate the games in Legos!

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  1. Well done, Young Vid-master!

    If you enjoyed reading this, then you should dance the tango with Grandma Jo!