Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's new at the Zoo, er...Hoffman Haus

One of my favorite blogs, Soule Mama (written by a fave author, Amanda Blake Soule-- do check out her books, and her magazine, Taproot) does this "Right now" feature, which I love. So, I, of course, must also try it.

Right now, I am...
:: listening to the birds chirping. Spring is here!
:: eating seeds like it is a full time job. Sunflower, chia, flax and hemp. Can't get enough!
:: feeling weirded out by how warm it was. I can't believe everything that is blooming already. The boys each have a tree planted in their honor and are enjoying seeing them covered in blossoms.
:: working on a major cleaning job that I am procrastinating on like you wouldn't believe.

:: loving that the boys are into building Legos of video games rather than playing them (mainly due to being grounded from them for right now. Caught them playing "pong" with a ball the other day. Vlad made paper pacman too. They are hardcore addicts)   
:: appreciating my sweetheart for all the little things he does, especially for giving Wolf his piano lessons. Especially since I don't know how to play piano.
:: dreaming of a vintage metal glider for my front porch.
:: plotting How to finish our homeschooling for the year before our trip to see my Mom.
:: enjoying kale chips that we made tonight.   
:: thinking about the blender soap I made.  I was inspired by this blog, Homespun Living. I made olive oil castile soap-- only 3 ingredients! It will be done curing in about 2 weeks, I can't wait to try it! This has got to be the easiest and fastest way to make soap from scratch!

:: knitting a super stripey outrageously cute pair of socks for myself with the tiniest knitting needles yet. 
:: looking for a good explanation for why I made a felt goomba after a night with only 30 minutes of sleep. The boys talked me into it by finding some British guy's tutorial, and they helped me make it. I am a sucker for requests to be creative. Afterwards, they commented, "It sort of doesn't look too much like a goomba." I'll need to increase my on-the-fly plushie creating skills. Apparently.

:: treasuring Olivia's artistic endeavors, which mainly feature her coloring herself.  But, oh how she loves it!
:: feeling like I have a revolving lap. Seriously, there is never a time when my lap is empty, there is always a new child or creature to jump up as soon as it becomes available. I think I'll get a shelf installed so I can hold small humans and poodles whilst standing. Oh, wait, I already have that. It's called a gut.

:: planning a day of birthday in honor of Matty's birthing-day! Hip, hip, hooray!
:: wishing I would never see another ant in my house again. Last year they were horrible. They are back already since the weather was warm. Ugh. We had to have an exterminator come 2 or 3 times last year. I hate pesticides. But, I can't have them eating my house. Bastardo ants. At least this time they ate the poison and have stopped coming out. But will it last? Or will it be night of the living ants? Zombie ants are the worst!

::chuckling about an overheard conversation -- Wolfie must have taken some lego creation of Vlad's and V was livid. We hear him say through clenched teeth," That's it, Wolfie! You are in peril!"
Also,Wolfie is very anti-potty humor while Vlad is pro-potty humor 110%. Imagine Vlad's delight when Wolfie embarrassingly called a rectangle a rectal angle during a math lesson. 

::partaking in A homeschool dance! It was great fun and one of Wolf's friends from music class was there so it was extra fun! Check out these videos! (email subscribers can click links)



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