Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our week

Field trip today to theBarberton Magical Theater! Another great performance by Uncle Adam in Miss Nelson has a field day. The boys loooooove to meet the cast and have Uncle Adam show them a prop or part of a costume.
Hanging out with the cast, it's nice to have friends in high places!
Uncle Adam as the coach shows Wolf the ropes
Grandma Jo does not fear the 'stache.

                                        We love going with the GrandHoffs on these excursions!!

     There has been some interest in filming a claymation video, so some modeling clay action has been occurring. The three guys have been hard at work, driven by the Director,Wolfie, and his exacting vision of the final project.

 The warm weather let us get in a day of pool fun. The family tradition of brothers spraying water into each other's eyes and then fighting/crying/demanding motherly justice be served is being wholeheartedly celebrated anew.

A charmed life.

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