Thursday, April 4, 2013

DIY lipstick! Finally!

I finally made some lipstick. It has a dark look in the container (reminds me of Dr. Pepper in color) ,  but it is more subtle on. I like that it is similar to a lip stain. 
Here is my very sweet daughter modeling it for me. Just enough color to wake up the face,  but not look too made up. Of course,  you can control the color level,  so you can barely tint it or go all out. I used alkanet root powder from mountain rose herbs,  but hibiscus powder could be used for a slightly different shade. 

This is beautifully easy,  just place the ingredients in a microwave safe bowl (I use a pyrex measuring cup) and melt,  mix and pour into whatever container your heart desires. 

1 part beeswax 
1 part cocoa butter 
2 parts coconut oil
Alkanet root powder to color intensity level you desire

The great thing is,  if you find that it is too light,  remelt and add more powder.  Too dark? Remelt and add more of the wax/butter/oil. If it is too soft for your container (ie. If using a tube applicator) then remelt and add more beeswax. So easy! I will tell you that you will probably need to add more alkanet than you think,  as it will not look as dark on you as it does in the container. 

This will also work as a shiny,  dewy blush. It just gets better and better. Oh,  I love D. I. Y.! 

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  1. The color was excellent on you - very subtle and natural looking. Great work!