Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hoffman Haus Happenings

 April showers brings bubble umbrellas and galoshes and slickers... 

Full rain barrels

Forsythia blooms ("do you like butter? " with a bloom held under your chin. If the yellow reflects onto your chin,  you like butter. Ahem,  we all like butter!) 

Strawberry plants resurrect themselves

Every spring,  Matt brings me home hyacinths. When they wither,  I plant them. I have hyacinths springing up all over our yard,  reminding me just how sweet he is. 

Wolfie’s tree is getting pretty. 

A little primrose that my brother,  Ian,  bought me many years ago. It always cheers me up to see its bright blooms so early in the Springtime. 

Chose to play outside instead of doing the dishes. One meal generates this much washing? So unfair! 

Seeds are sprouting! These seeds were such wonderful Christmas presents. Thank you guys! 

Potty training= hello kitty undies! 

A trip to the zoo with a mandatory break dance in the primate building. Not sure why that flooring is there,  but it demands to be danced on. No matter how crowded it is. 

Cavalcade of home cooked pizza. 
First is white pizza. 

Bbq pizza
Blueberry pie pizza,  presented by Ron Weasley. 

Chillin' at Malley's,  eating a puppy luv in Alice's wonderland garden

They always give you pretzels while you wait,  in a bowl your grandma would have used at a card party. 

Fruit slice smile for Vlad and special recipe hot fudge euphoria for Wolf. 
We lost a family member,  hoppy ball.
 R. I. P. Old friend,  you served us well. 

Not dealing well with the loss. Still sitting on it. 

No longer "hoppy". 

 p. S. Thanks for the replacement Gma Kathy! 

Smooth criminal

Daddy's birthday trip to the lake. 

A birthday pie whipped up for my boyfriend. 

Birthday vulture

Ollie likes to bring Pop his new birthday robots. 

A new guy,  Titan,  joins the family. 

Birthday skipbo bores Hermes. 

Aren't new teeth weird? 

Ice cream aftermath 

The reason for the aftermath

Visiting on stage with uncle Adam. Ninja skillz. 
Knitted a kerchief from some gorgeous yarn from Roving Acres. Thanks for the yarn,  Mama Jo! 

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  1. Love your posts! You look so especially cute, too! ;)