Monday, November 30, 2009

I am a born again biscuiteer!

OH MY GOODNESS!    I have achieved biscuit enlightenment.  I never liked biscuits. Probably because I spent half a year making biscuits 40 hrs. a week for the local Bob Evans.  I decided that I should try to make the world's most awesome biscuits to see if that changed.!!!!!! 
   Last night, as I dozed off, I began to think about the tub of tofu I needed to use up.  Then I remembered that I had some potatoes that I cooked and froze.  Voila!  I would make hash!  In honor of the Grinch, I would call it 'fu-hash, an homage to the green one stealing the last can of who-hash.  I cut the tofu up into tiny pieces and browned it well in a little olive oil and soy sauce.  I also cooked up the potatoes with some onion and garlic and herbs de provence, then combined it all at the sensationally golden brown end.  Of course, I thought, I must try THE biscuit recipe again.  The first time I tried it, It was good.  I knew it could be even better.

     'Fu-hash, crispy, salty, golden brown.  Impossibly good.

My lovely, fluffy (3" + high), crunchy on the bottom (thank god for parchment paper!) biscuits!

The biscuit recipe is from a good book I have been reading, "Family feasts for $75 a week" by Mary Ostyn.  I'm not sure if it is ok to post this recipe its entirety.  I was able to get this book from the public library.  I must sincerely thank the author for this recipe, for changing my life, for growing my butt to bold new proportions.


  1. P.s., Elizabeth, I will get the recipe to you!

  2. So glad you liked the recipe!!


    Mary, mom to many

  3. Oh Mary, this recipe could get me in serious trouble! Too delicious! Your book is great! Thanks for writing it!