Friday, November 20, 2009

mustard green soup, yummmm.

     Last night, a rainy, autumn day, I whipped up a delicious bowl of mustard green and tofu soup.  Maybe a tablespoon of oil for the entire dutch oven of soup, including frying the tofu golden brown.  MMMmmmm, comfort food.  I will need to write this recipe up, as I enjoyed it so much.

     I am all about the comfort food right now.  Things that make me feel warm and cozy, like oven baked french fries the other night.  Anyone else preparing for hibernation?


  1. bret and i love the oven baked fries too! i don't understand the anti-potato stigma. they're so good for you - a baked tater topped with salsa and a huge dallop of greek yogurt is probably my favorite race recovery meal. soups are great for us, because it's a vegetarian meal we both love and uses, like you said, very little fat. and soup is cheap, can be frozen, and is easy to transport in a mason jar to work for heating and sipping. i think i may have to make soup this weekend now...

    here are my fall comfort foods:
    -veggie chili with lots of jalapenos and tvp (with corn bread and a scoop of greek yogurt of course)
    -lentil stew
    -hot curry stews with lots of potato and beans
    -garlicky baked squash topped with sharp cheddar cheese
    -hot bubbly pizza with onion and jalapenos
    -clementine oranges
    -sparkling apple cider: 1 part cider, 2 parts sparkling water! cuts calories and is refreshing after a spicy dinner.

    i have become a jalapeno junkie in case that's not obvious. the hotter the better.

  2. I agree, potatoes get an unwarranted bad rap. I am also in jalapeno heaven. That and banana peppers! And extra, extra garlic!

  3. that looks so yummy! i have an award for you, come check it out!