Friday, November 20, 2009

repurposing shirts into pants for long-legged kids!

     My son has grown into a wonderful long-legged 4 year old.  Where as his brother is still small enough to easily fashion a pair of pants from an old shirt, I find it's difficult for the big guy.  Plus, I like to make matching pants for them, just because they look so darn cute together.  I have found two things that help:
          Making a yoke:  If the sleeve is almost long enough, strategic cutting leaving the shoulder seam intact  can yield a cute little yoke detail.

kind of hard to see with this fabric, sorry.

     Adding a panel:  When using the body of the shirt, You can cut out as much as you can, still lining up with the hem of the shirt, or elastic waistband if using a sweater or waistband.  Then cut off an inch or two above the hem (or go all the way up to the knee for a "knee pad" look).  Cut a piece to equal the missing amount plus extra for your seam allowance.  Sew your pants up the side seam/seams.  Do the same with your hem piece and extra piece, carefully using the same seam allowance.  Then add the extra pieces by sewing with right sides together, matching up side seams.  Finish with topstitiching to make it lay flat and look decorative.

I'm sure there are lots more ideas out there floating around.  Anyone else have a technique they use?

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  1. am i a cheese ball because your first sentence about little wolfie becoming a big boy made me a little misty-eyed?

    i'm just proud that the knit project i'm working on doesn't look like a lump of trash! lol