Friday, January 22, 2010

"Fiend" Sewing

As my Mom and I have termed it, I have been "fiend" sewing, or sewing like a fiend.  I think it is a way to try and use bursts of creative energy to ward off winter blues.  I tend to do short projects that can be completed as quickly as possible for maximum anti-depression remedy.  I also try to have some "green" aspect to my crafting by recycling/reusing/upcycling or using conscientious supplies or methods.What have I been working on?

I made removable pillow covers for 2 very sorry pillows I had.  I bought this fabric at a great garage sale last summer for a buck!!   Nice vintage-y texture and wonderful colors.  My Mom sent the fringe in a care package, I think she got it at a rummage sale.

My first knitting, a scarf!!  I received a number of great books on the subject from my Dad-in-love and despite my best attempt to sabotage myself, churned out a skinny scarf!   I found that a local craft shop, Pat Catan's, sells mill ends of yarn.  That is sort of green, no?  It IS cheap though and lets me tinker with the old needles without breaking the bank.
More Applique!!

With the help of Google image, my boys picked out what they wanted on their sweatshirts, happy storm clouds for my stormchasers! I used shirts they had and used up scraps for the applique.  They like the silver shiny lightning bolt!
Upcycled gift wrapping!

Shhhhhhhh... Don't tell Wendy!  Her birthday isn't until Wednesday!  I used a Yogi brand tea box, cut it open and glued it inside out --look how pretty their insides are, all henna-ish!  I made a muslin flower and name tag from a little scrap I had.   Dyed the flower and stamped her name on it.  The raffia was left from a Christmas project from years ago.  I ADORE it!  Hope she likes it, she is very special because she will soon be a Hoffman wife too!

     That's it in a nut shell!  I am working on some other projects too, we will see what wins out, the projects or cleaning the basement! :)

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  1. everything is so beautiful shannon! i wish i had the time for arts and crafts - soon i dream of creating the balance necessary to make that happen.

  2. Yeah, it is hard to find time, I slip it in by 15-30 minute increments, which is another way of saying my house is a mess! I guarantee you would have time if you were snowed in!! It is amazing the things you do when it is in the 20 degree range outside!