Friday, January 1, 2010

Things I am loving...

 1.  A laundry soap bar from the Asian market.  This little gem is basically like a fels-naptha type bar.  2 for $1, this is my laundry workhorse!  My littlest guy is basically Pigpen from Charlie Brown,and with a little rub of this soap, the stains all seem to come out.

2.Christmas card tradition.  I love to receive Christmas cards, especially with pictures in them and newsletters, yes, I like newsletters.  But then, I know &/or am related to cool talented people that are great writers.  I love to staple all the cards to long velvet ribbons attached to the dining room door jamb.  Then I admire them until the holidays end.  Finally, I get out my fun scissors (pinking shears) and stencils and turn them into next year's gift tags.  They make such beautiful tags and work well with all our fabric gift bags too.

3. Quiddler.  This is a great word game, I can't recommend it enough. You don't need to know big words to win, multiple age ranges can play.

4. On-line tutorials. Thank goodness so many people share their great ideas on the internet, and even take the time to write, photograph or record the way the do it.  I have learned so many things that way!

5. Glass food storage containers.  As I wear out my old plastic food containers, I am replacing with glass jars and containers.  Love how they wash up and last and last.

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