Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little Vladdie is awesome. So is Wolfie. Heck, we come from a long line of awesomeness.

Vlad, or as his big brother calls him, Little Vladdie, has been saying so many cute, hilarious things lately.  Of course, my atrophied brain can't recall what most of them are.  Therefore, I am taking time to jot these ones down here:
He told me he likes to "kiss and squish" which of course means kissin' and huggin'.

In the tradition of his brother, Wolfie, he likes to say very random things in his sleep, or in the wee hours when he is up and me, not so much.  Sometimes he just says things about kittens or tornadoes.  This morning he said in a rather surprised tone, in the darkness of pre-alarm clock land "My eyebrows, they're gone!"  (searches around his forehead)  "Where is them? Is they on the pillow still?"

He is still talking about Tornadic supercells.  He calls his yogurt a yogurtic supercell.  He loves to imitate stormchasers "Tornado on the ground east.  Tornado on the ground west!  Oh my God!"

Here's some big news...WOLFIE IS REALLY READING!!!  It is so exciting to watch him discover how powerful this super power is.  I am beyond proud!  I remember being so amazed by this process with Jassy too.  It is unbelievably exciting!


  1. i cannot get over how amazing and special my two brockley hoffman nephews are! of course, with parents like you and matt, that result is inevitable, so why am i surprised and proud? oh yea, because i am their auntie! pride is an auntie's biggest perk! yay!

  2. And we are so glad to have you as an Auntie! You are truly excellent at it! Must be all that practice, having triplets break you in made you trade your amateur status in and go pro right off the bat! :)