Sunday, October 24, 2010

Time to be appreciative..

     I need a big dose of counting my blessings right now, so here's a few...
***Amazingly warm, gorgeously golden Autumn day!

***Sweet husband that gave me a super hairdo!

***Awesome friends and family that helped celebrate the hopefully-still-month-away birth of my Granddaughter at Jassy's shower.  I love a gathering of women of all ages and experience levels.  I always learn something, laugh at something, hug somebody and become energized by everyone's company.
***The Tooth Fairy.  As described by Wolfie, "She has wings and a wand.  She has a beautiful dress and a pretty nice looking face.  She has good hair, like green or something."  Vlad thinks she will ride in on a purple motorcycle and wake him up.

***apple picking in the countryside, by yourselves.  Quiet, except for apple crunching!

***Colorful flowers in the yard, at the end of October.

***Perfect french toast.
***"Madeline" episodes on

***Dog cousins lovingly being fed lollipops. Complete with requests not to chew it, only lick it.  Don't want to hurt the teeth.

***A nice boss.
***A daughter that is still excited about being pregnant, even though she is having a hellified pregnancy.

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