Sunday, October 3, 2010

A little Q & A...

Making : goo-goo eyes at my sweetheart!
Cooking : an awesome last minute casserole, using leftover rice, homemade pesto,
broccoli/onions/'shrooms and a little cheese.  Turned out much more delish than expected.  Plus,
bonus points for using up the leftover rice.
Drinking : had a peach cider slushie today at the orchard. mmmmmmmmm!
Reading: "Simply sublime gifts : high-style, low-sew projects to make in a snap" by jodi kahn
Wanting: Less crap in my house.
Looking: rough around the edges
Playing: Not much today, it was very busy!
Wasting: "waisting"-- I have been eating too many goodies lately.
Sewing: baby stuff!
Wishing: for an extra couple hours each day!
Enjoying: Apples, fresh picked.
Waiting: to have my fridge fixed.
Liking: My husband's artistic side.
Wondering: when Olivia will be born
Loving: Getting to spend extra time with Jas
Hoping: Vladdie will get back to normal pooping.  Currently holding it in, ever since potty training.  Making himself miserable.
Marveling: at Wolfie's first loose tooth
Needing: motivation
Smelling: Matt's old-timey cologne, lilac vegetal :)
Wearing: a chewbacca shirt that says "let the Wookie win"
Following: not much. Behind on the news.  Not watching any tv.  Not interested in sports, movies,
Noticing: I got out of work on time today, for a change
Knowing:  "This too shall pass" is a good mantra
Thinking: about Jassy's baby shower
Opening: my mind to positive thoughts
Giggling: at something Matt said in the car, wish I could remember what it was.
Feeling: aggravated that Wolfie has another stuffy nose.

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