Monday, October 18, 2010

How do you hide Giant cupcakes?

Put them in a pot and the boys will think they are dinner and avoid them at all costs!

                             And the sad little cake that was frosting repellent, but was eaten anyways...
This was all in the name of Birthday Joy for My Mom-in-Love, Jo!  She requested a Christmas tree skirt as a gift, which I attempted to sew.

It was quite an endeavor, as my fabric shrunk.  a lot.  Like 6 inches of project gone.  I went to the fabric store at least twice a day for enough days in a row that I was afraid they might think I was a stalker and take out a restraining order.  I just couldn't get my head around this project.  I am easily distracted-- oh! colorful pins!!  Sewing madness ensued...

 At any rate, I finished it and got to spend a great day with a great lady (a lady that receives some really good birthday cards, ahem, Momma K, Bettye and David!)

P.s.  Matt left the boys this drawing the other day and I think it is really sweet, because the boys LOVE Manatees!

Isn't he the best?!?!

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