Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10 good things

1. Getting outside with my hands in the dirt because the sun is finally shining.
2. A crock pot of marinara sauce that made every room in the house smell good.
3. A kiss from my Husband that went on a little longer than the usual welcome home kiss.
4. Decent enough news from a Doctor's visit.
5. Rescuing a piece of furniture, selling it and parlaying it into funding for a visit to a rummage sale. I LOVE rummage sales.
6. Chocolate Rootbeer cake.
7. Squishy little kid butts and chubby baby thighs.
8. Birthday wish lists.
9. Creamed honey
10. This one is soooooo special to me: We were looking up pictures of Astroboy, because Wolf has picked that for his Halloween costume. But, you can't get an Astroboy wig anywhere, so we had to look at pics so we could fashion our own wig ("fashion your own wig", Why does that phrase please me so?) So, Matt and Wolf and I are scrolling through images when there is a picture of a very well-built gentleman wearing a speedo and a large cat's head. Wolf reaches over and gently, and silently, covers my eyes. He apparently felt that was not something that his Mommy should have to see. It was such a sweet gesture and the first time I have ever been protected by a son. I am in love. But, the next morning, Vlad woke me up with a question--" Do you have a foreskin?" "Not on me" I replied as I put the pillow over my head and tried to pretend to be asleep until a decent hour of the morning. Ah, life with little boys...

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  1. Nothing like bonding with your kids over foreskin, LOL!